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Desert Trilogy

 The desert is not a dead place, it has never been so.

It is blessed with magnificent endless horizons, sunsets and sunrises

It is enchanted with ancient relics of lost civilizations

It is unbelievable with its inky dark starry nights, with its vision into the future, into the great illusion.

This trilogy plays the experience of being, for more then two decades, a tiny piece in a vast puzzle of stone, sand and ocean.



STONE CIRCLE resonates the echoes of ancient desert tribes and their circle of stones which represent the circle of seasons, the worship of nature and beauty, the bodily and heavenly desire. The story of the ancestors,

of past time





MUSIC OF THE STARStells the story of nighttime in the desert.

The beauty of millions and millions of stars dotting the infinite heavens,

The tale of a space journey

Of the future.


SINAI” tells the story of a human, a musical instrument and the Red Sea.

A simple moment in time when sunset colours the ocean red and the heart overflows

With love and gratitude for the perfection of this moment, right now

Here and now.

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