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The Raft - A journey of a soul.

The thought that time is a linear matter didn’t really work for me,ever.

I do not exactly know which of the things written in this album predicted what happened and what was written about what happened after it happened. (You can read the last sentence again)

For me it is nothing less than a prophetic album.

I never thought to explain what is happening in my concept albums, I always hoped somebody else will. But as no one did, until now, and I’m not sure somebody ever will, i guess I find it the right time to do it.

because as Gandalf once said:

“A wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to.”

And I find it true about good stories also.

So: song by song, step by step- the story of the ”The raft” revealed.

Song #1: A journey

The song that opens this album is written in a 5 by 5 meter kit I rented in the Noga neighborhood on the Jaffa border in Tel Aviv in front of a garage where the car alarms start howling just as I try to go to sleep. exactly.

And within this hostile environment is an invitation to a journey into the center of the soul, long before I knew where it was and if there was such a thing at all.

As the Holy Spirit enters into space the space becomes wide, infinite

Both Andrei and I knew the moment of entry. Holy anxiety.

Andrei is a great sorcerer, an embarrassed teacher, my twin in time.

He sits in the only chair in the room, somewhere between napping and completely asleep and in the foreign and ever-mocking cut of speech he tells me "write, write, whatever comes out is good" then he wonders if there is anything to eat but dry bread and old-fashioned yellow cheese.

I'm already writing.

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